Insects, wasps?

Anyone knows what would make that little hole below the rotten area at top of beam/siding area? I saw a wasp entering that rotten area below siding. There was other similar holes in other beams around the house.


Carpenter Bee possibly.


carpenter bees, and then the woodpeckers try to peck them out


I uploaded another pictures with 3 of those holes on top of the piece of wood. I guess I will recommend a pest control company to investigate further as they can cause severe structural damage from what I read.

I have made many repairs from carpenter bees, You can hear them buzzing in the wood.

Thanks for the quick replies!

Holes look too small in diameter for the carpenter bees in my area. Also, those holes look like they have been there a long time.

2nd pic did it for me. It’s carpenter bees.
Looks like cedar wood

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Thank you gentlemen!

Carpenter bees get their common name from their habit of boring into wood. Carpenter bees do not eat wood but cause damage to structures by drilling circular holes to create tunnels inside wood.

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