Carpet Under Water Heater

I think I solved how to do pics for you all, here is carpet under water heater.

Why to use a drip pan under heater if carpet can absorb that water too!!!

I think that carpet idea will be helpfull to one of my customer too, :wink:

Good job on picture posting!!! =D>

Ortiz 162.jpg

Isn’t carpet a combustible material? I recommended that a non combustible material be underneath heater.

Clothes absorb water pretty well too. Besides the the clothes too close to the tank there was no drain tube or dripleg and the flue had holes in it.


These people truly don’t love theirself - - - it’s like pulling out in front of a big truck in a little car going 25 mph !

On slabs it is common to put carpeting under hot water tanks and furnaces to pass the Rescheck!:mrgreen:

to pass the Rescheck!:mrgreen: Please help me with this? Not sure what you mean Mike?

Does that mean research more for the topic.??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: