Water heater plumbing

Any one ever seen this type of material used for a water heater.? No where does it say “suitable” for water heaters, etc. Thoughts ?


Yep they sell it at lowes

Wonder how it does around the heat of the vent? Seems like it might melt the outer covering.

Look like washing machine fill hose, not sure if they’re rated for water heater. They’re known to burst at washing machines. The one you have is too close to flue.

I have the same material on my electric HWT, it is much thicker than washing machine lines. It’s been for 3 yrs now and no problems.

I used on a electric heater been on 6 years now no problem ( label said for Water heater use)

That saddle valve may be an issue later on.
Looks to be a pre drill galvanized type that often clogs up and I observe the right hand screw is looking rusted.Re check your side photo for a dielectric fitting at that 90.

These stainless braided lines are sold up here in our Home Hardware stores, also avaliable with sharkbite connectors. Apperantly used often when I asked the store manager.
I’ve been using the supply lines for other supply applications for a few years now, with out any problems, and have noticed more and more plumbers using them.

They are sooo much easier than sweating a bunch of elbows and pipes.

Check with your local codes if they are allowed. For example, we are not allowed to use braided or flex for hook-ups to water heaters.


Why do you have excessive heat around the vent?

Personally I like it better than the old galvanized I see everywhere.

When it looks Un-Professional…
I note as Un-Professional…

If the Seller finds a Plumber
to say that the installation is OK…
What is the question…?