Carrier A/C

I can not find this unit in the CARRIER BLUE BOOK or PRESTON’S GUIDE, I have a Carson Dunlop ordered. The model number is 38CKB036320. THANKS!! for your help in advance.

Sorry you can’t find it. Your welcome for the help. Seriously though, if you are looking for the mfg date you’ll need to post the serial number for that 3 ton unit.

The serial number is 2296E11894. THANKS!

My books are in the Cold Car . I expect it is a 96 3 & 4 # (22(96)E11894)
Thats what I would use also look at furnace age ,usuall this adds confirmation in my area, also check gas fitter tag
Roy Cooke

On the Carrier, the first four numbers in the serial number represent the week and year, so this one would have been May or June of 1996

Here is the link to the Carrier website to 38ckb series of compressors.

It looks like it’s a contractor’s grade unit that was probably replaced by the 38CKC series.