carrier/bryant/payne/day&night class action suit

Polypropylene laminated condensing heat exchanger problems.

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This article was in the ACHR News

Carrier Settles Lawsuit, Extends Warranty Coverage

December 10, 2007

FARMINGTON, Conn. — Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., is enhancing the warranties on its 90-percent-plus-efficient gas furnaces. The company will provide a 20-year parts-and-labor warranty for the secondary heat exchanger. The enhancements respond to a recent class-action lawsuit by a small number of U.S. and Canadian consumers claiming premature failure on the secondary heat exchanger found in Carrier, Bryant, Payne, and Day & Night high-efficiency condensing gas furnaces that are 90-percent AFUE or greater and that were produced after Jan. 1, 1989. Day & Night furnaces sold after January 2007 are not affected.

Carrier denies these claims and maintains that it acted lawfully and properly. According to the company, the patented material used to construct the secondary heat exchanger is superior. To resolve the issue and provide peace of mind for its customers, however, Carrier agreed to a proposed settlement that provides enhanced warranty coverage in the event of a failure of the secondary heat exchangers on its 90-percent-AFUE or greater high-efficiency gas furnaces.

While the company said it has seen an extraordinarily low national warranty rate, the settlement proposal provides customers with a 20-year parts-and-labor warranty for the secondary heat exchanger. In the event of a failure, customers could opt for coverage of the parts and labor, for the replacement of the secondary heat exchanger, or a credit toward the purchase of a new, more energy-efficient system that can provide greater comfort and energy savings. Customers who have already been required to replace their secondary heat exchangers would receive monetary compensation from Carrier.

Carrier and Bryant dealers are advised to contact their distributors for additional details, or call 877-574-0173.

Just so happens that my brother-in-law has a Carrier secondary heat exchanger that “died” recently. He has replaced his furnace.
He is an HVAC guy.

After he told me about his problems I did some research and found the above referenced settlement.

Guess what? I have a Bryant that is included in the program.
No problems noted yet but my understanding is that original purchasers get a lifetime warranty and subsequent owners receive a 20 year warranty. Sweet!

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Does the extended 20 year warranty apply to products sold in Canada also?


Read this

Class Action Notice

1 page Summary
Settlement agreement (69 pages)

Models covered

I read parts of the agreement and Canada appears to have been included.
I would contact a local dealer to check for sure.

Interesting note: The lawyers want nearly $10 million for their hard work.

$10 Million dollars would have paid for a lot of heat exchanger/ furnace replacements. Carrier could have come up with the same solution long ago and generated tons of good publicity instead of all of this negative publicity.