Carrier Furnace Class Action Suit

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Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night and Payne
Condensing Furnace Consumer Class Actions

Settlement Update: Federal Court Grants Preliminary Approval to Proposed Nationwide Class Action Settlement with Carrier CorporationOn November 21, 2007, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald B. Leighton granted preliminary approval to a nationwide settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by current and past owners of high-efficiency furnaces manufactured by Carrier Corporation equipped with polypropylene (plastic) laminated secondary heat exchangers. Approximately three million U.S. consumers purchased the furnaces covered under the settlement since January 1989. Carrier sold the furnaces under the Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, and Payne brand names. The settlement also resolves companion cases in Canada and will be presented to courts there for approval as well.The settlement offers a cash payment for the tens of thousands of consumers who paid to repair or replace their furnaces as a direct result of the alleged defect in the secondary heat exchanger. The settlement also provides an enhanced 20-year warranty for consumers whose furnaces have not yet failed that will cover parts and labor for failures caused by the alleged defect.
The Proposed ClassThe Court has granted conditional certification of the following settlement class:All individuals and entities in the United States who currently own a Carrier 90% high efficiency condensing furnace manufactured between January 1, 1989 and the date of final approval of the Settlement and equipped with a polypropylene-laminated secondary heat exchanger, and former owners of such furnaces whose furnaces experienced secondary condensing heat exchanger or CHX failure.
The Court has set a hearing to determine whether to grant final certification of the settlement class and final approval of the settlement agreement for April 22, 2008. In the coming weeks, notice will be provided to class members by first class U.S. mail and other means as to their rights under the settlement, including how to submit a claim or opt out or object to the settlement. Click here to read the Court’s order granting preliminary approval to the proposed settlement.
Background on the LitigationThe complaint, originally filed in June 2005, alleges that starting in 1989, Carrier began manufacturing and selling high efficiency condensing furnaces manufactured with a secondary condensing heat exchanger (“CHX”) made of inferior materials. Plaintiffs allege that as a result, the CHXs, which Carrier warranted and consumers expected to last for 20 years, fail prematurely. Carrier has denied these allegations and has vigorously contested the litigation. The Court has not made any ruling on the merits of plaintiffs’ allegations.
Get More InformationIf you own a Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night or Payne furnace and and would like more information regarding the settlement, please click here to contact us. Alternatively, you may visit the official case website, Lieff CabraserLieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, is a national law firm with offices in San Francisco, New York and Nashville. We are recognized for our successful prosecution of individual and class action lawsuits involving defective products, ranging from faulty building and home products to faulty cars, tires and computer devices. To learn more about our firm, click here.Trademark NoticeAny use of trademarks are for informational and product identification purposes only. Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, is not affiliated in any way with Carrier Corporation or United Technologies Corporation.
manufactured between January 1, 1989 and the date of final approval of the Settlement and equipped


1989 and following. See THIS

and as noted some 1988 models

Thanks Michael. I spoke to them on the phone today. The claim encompasses even furnaces bought today since Carrier is still using the same materials.