Carrier HVAC Unit Tonnage

Anyone able to inform me of the tonnage of this unit.


Serial Number: 2915E25743
Model Number: 25HCE460A3000

I believe its a 4 ton unit, just wanting to make sure.

Thanks Vincent.

5 ton

Thanks for being kind Charley.

To the OP. This is basic knowledge. Time for more education before you inspect. It is the proper thing for your potential clients.

Your welcome there is no need for ridicule unless you don’t walk the roof;-)

This time of year walking a roof is hit and miss. 20 mpg winds, driving rain and a moss covered surface don’t make for walking conditions. How you doing down there old man? :wink:

Doing great thanks for asking. No snow here yet we usually get the most in March or not at all. Been super windy between Tx sucking and Kansas blowing it been really bad;-)

This will help a little