What is the tonnage of this Ruud .

What is the tonnage of this Ruud .
Unless I went blind I can’t figure it out with the numbers?
I’m thinking 4 ton.

I would think it’s a 3.5 ton

That’s what I was thinking but wasn’t aware they’d use 41 instead of 42 for that.

What do you need to know the tonnage for, Roy?

I would say 3 based on the RLA.

Lennox does the same thing they come up with the off the wall BTU I call that a 3-1/2 ton its just a 1K short

That’s how they make “Hi-Efficency”…

Agree 3.5 ton


I list it on the report.

John I have that same info, What is why I thought it was a 4 .

Thanks Gentleman.

and by the way "my house has a 90 HERS Rating.

and I only have a 250 cfm leakage rate.

and my HVAC has a 18F Delta T…

More useless numbers.