Carrier question

Does anyone have a Preston’s guide? I saw a not yet installed Carrier system in a new home. I couldn’t tell whether its gas or electric as it was sealed. Here is the info the builder gave me: Model FY4ANB060 SN 1906A86279.

May 2006

Is it electric?

I would just say in the report that you could not inspect it because it was not yet installed

You would need the furnace model # to determine gas or electric. If not installed as you stated look in the closet or where ever the unit is to be installed and look for the rough in service; gas or electric should be stubbed out.

There was no gas connection in the utility room for the furnace and on a service plate I could see 230V requirement, Model FY4ANB060 . I can just assume it’s an electric. I cannot really write anything definate in the report. Thanks for advice.

Well they don’t make 230 volt gas furnaces. The # you are showing looks similar to a A/C # not a furnace # would have to go to carrier my self to cross that # you are showing. I am having a hard time believing the builder on a new home does not have the rough in service provided for furnace. Is this a slab floor or crawl space. Perhaps I am just being dumb tonight have those days you know. Been talking to a roofer all day one with that far away look in his eyes. The kind of guy that if you look in his eyes there is no one home.:shock:

Sound like he might have been a little too high’ on the roof. :smiley: I could only give him the date by the serial no. First 2 numbers are the week second 2 are the year. The model #FY4ANB060 didn’t match anything I have, I went to their site and nothing even close to that. I’m like you it must be electric, don’t know what it is. Furnace, A/C or heat Pump.

Thanks guys,

The client told me he found the HVAC people who are installing the system and talk to them. I couldn’t find anything on the company’s site either.