Carson Dunlop or InterNACHI

Hello everyone, this question is probably already answered but I just want to know about who to chose Carson Dunlop or interNACHI for my home inspection certification. I had an information session with one of Carson Dunlop representative and the amount he told me was around 500$ for each module and there are around 10 module but when I searched online InterNACHI prices are nothing compared to Carson Dunlop and I am also worried if interNACHI certification is valid in Canada as I am in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. If anyone have information on this kindly help me make decision on which institute to chose to get my certification as a home inspector thank you.

I did not attend Carson Dunlop, only InterNACHI. Fuel for thought… I hammered on the InterNACHI online courses for several hours everyday and made it through all of their fourteen core courses, performed four mock inspections, and passed the final exam in four months flat for at total membership fee of $196.00 US. That is tremendous value. I took copious notes through all the online training courses, building my reporting software template and inspection protocol as I studied and learned. In that manner, was able to hit the ground running with confidence after being certified.

Probably the biggest difference is going to be that Carson Dunlap is largely a one-time fee, whereas InterNACHI is a membership fee (monthly, annual) that does not have an endpoint. However, continuing education is essential and InterNACHI has training resources that go far beyond the core curriculum. This forum is also where you learn and grow.