Does anyone know where to report this Canadian ripoff site?

Seems a nice fella almost got conned out of $4K for courses that are available in our industry for free or nearly free.


Ask Roy about Carson-Dunlop. He seems to like them.

Nick, It is this Carson Dunlop course that is taught through the Ontario Colleges, in which one can gain a College Certificate in Home Inspection. They do provide the course on their own though.
The education is actually, great. Expensive yes. Through the college, you would spend nearly $4000 plus $2000 for 10 textbooks (this is the rippoff).
Courses are similar to, but I would say more in depth than the InterNACHI courses (which are definately good aswell) and has more Canadian content. There are different “rules” in Canada for some clearances and other things. When taught through the college, each course has discussion with an inspector instructor, case studies, field excercises, timed online mid term and final closed book exam which must be written in person.

Now, all of the other benefits in addition to the required courses is where InterNACHI excels. The other information and day to day interaction with other home inspectors is invaluable.

When sourcing out information about becoming a home inspector I also looked at Carson Dunlop, they are highly regarded in Canada and work very hard at making therir training the standard here, ie, Community Colleges. I felt that with my construction background this was overkill.
I did travel to Denver to take an AHIT course that was brief, but success depended on a lot of self study prior to attending.
Following this training I was mentored by a CMI in Denver, great guy and extremely knowledgeable.
While I was preparing for testing I communicated with several different associations to see if they had insurance companies that gave members a preferred rate. My mentor was a interNACHI member and that was and is my preferred organisation, but during my search I contacted CAPHI Altantic. They told me my training was garbage (very un-proffesional) and that they only considered Carson Dunlop. The thing that really pissed me off was that the main contact taught some of the Carson courses at Dalhousie University.
You can take this anyway you want, but I don’t think any organisation benefits from bashing another, we all proceed as we see is best for ourselves.
I am still new to the industry, but I have found the free courses on the interNACHI site excellent as a follow up to what I have already learned.

I took the Carson-Dunlop course and feel it was worth every penny. The same course taken through any of the colleges up here is easily $6000 and up. I also did my research before buying the course and although the courses offered here are great, the Carson-Dunlop course goes into much greater detail and they promote the ASHI standards of practice in every part of the course. The phone support was excellent. I was very weary of some of the other courses offered up here for less money as they were only a week long at best. This course took me over a year to finish. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Tony I know many who like you where very satisfied with the C&D Course.
NACHI is great and has many great things appreciated by me and many others.
I support NACHI and do love every thing they do .
Much help is given to both members and none members .
I hope it never ends ,we are very lucky to have many who wish to help me and other HIs .
Unfortunately there are a few who complain and try to destroy what we have .
Their jealousy shows constantly and some of their comments would be better left unsaid.
I would never go into their home and say the things they do in our home .

CAHPI Alberta

CAHPI BC indicates:
You are welcome to challenge the CAHPI(BC) exams, however Candidates who take the Carson Dunlop Home Study routinely pass the CAHPI(BC) exams on their first attempt. Download the Home Study Order Form

Thanks Claude I and many others have been CAHPI members .
I saw how poor the local associations have been run and how expensive they are .
I have no desire to ever be a CAHPI member again .
I do not like the closed door attitude the high cost of joining and even higher cost’s to remain a member .
I see the Atlantic have lower the Past CAHPI president down to an associate member .
CAHPI has very bad treatment for those who have worked so hard over the years.
Well being an electrician for many years having 3 different qualifications .
Changes happened and the bar was raised to get to where I was , no one ever removed what stage was previously attained .
With the way CAHPI is run I can understand why many have not renewed and many more have threatened to not renew Like XXX.
If CAHI/CAHPI had of treated our industry and members properly ,NACHI would never have succeeded in Canada .
Thanks Big time to CAHPI .
Thanks NACHI for doing things a lot better then the Canadian Associations have in the past .

SKIP!!! SKIP!!! SKIP!!!..broken record!


This was explained to you before…local members VOTED on the increase in the requirements for RHI a full 2 years before the improvement took effect. Members had lots of time to do the required upgrading courses. If they are still very busy and satisfied with the “Associate” status due to already having proved themselves in their markets, it’s obviously no skin off their -----! If they feel they are losing business with the Associate status, they’ll soon complete the upgrades!

Why are you taking it so hard??

BTW, Did you see in the recent threads that CMI is undergoing some comment and scrutiny by members with strong personal integrity. One is suggesting that there be a SENIOR CMI designation while another talked about separating those with over 5 years as CMI being somehow recognized. Lots more logos to be earned.

To quote Brian Kelly…LOGOS SOLVE EVERYTHING!!!

Wake up Brian and quit dreaming what makes you think you need to jump in on posts between Claude , me and others .
Why do you feel as a non member every one needs your assistance .
Why are you taking it so hard about the CMI .
It has nothing to do with you and it has been explained to you so often.
Gee just over 1% of CMIs say much and Brian A none member posts about CMIs constantly.
What a silly little boy


If you need to say something to Claude that you wish no comment on, then go to private messaging! These are open and public boards provided in a free and democatic environment.

If you make a disparaging comment on a process in an organization that was done by an open vote process by its membership in a free and democratic environment, I have to respond. Those members that were involved in the vote have to live by the results, even if the past national president is moved down a level as he has not had/taken the time for the required upgrading required by the improved requirements.

Plain and simple…it’s in the open for all to see on their website…even the past national president gets no special favours on the certification/designations awarded at CAHPI Atlantic…all must earn them by the same process.

Hard for you to believe, isn’t it?..don’t worry…they’re not going to take over INACHI and take your CMI from you!

Oh! BTW, I wish to thank you for not jumping in on my posts and not stalking me in the past…NOT!!

Silly little Brian

Well thought out response!

Brian, I think Roy didn’t want to confuse you further.

OMG!!! It’s Frac of the “Fric & Frac” tag team. Where have you been?

Hi Brian,
As you noted previously " you are just down the road" from where I am. I would like to meet you for a coffee some day and discuss my experience with CAPHI Atlantic, since this is not the place to mention names.
Whatever the CAPHI Atlantic’s opinion of the road I took to get my training they could have been more diplomatic about it, all toll I received emails from 3 of the executive. I found these quite offensive and still do not believe that a group would put into an email the things that were written, especially to someone that they had never met.
I see that there are always posts on why one organisation is better than the other, that is to be expected in a competitive marketplace, but when you bash one persons background because you believe yours is better, you make a mockery of the organisation you are trying to defend.
With 20 years of project and site management in Commercial and Residential construction, LEED certifiction and a certification as an energy advisor I felt I had more than enough background to get started. I do not claim to know everything (I did get additional training as well as mentoring), but I was not flipping burgers previously as I know one of your members in Ontario was. I probably would have gladly spent the additional money for the services CAPHI offered, but their initial negative attitude put me off.
Looking back I am glad I joined interNACHI instead. Perhaps that group at CAPHI Atlantic should discuss possibilities with people before they destroy any future possible relationship.

You seem to have a tendency to put much more emphasis upon the two or three oddball dissenters who might agree with you and ignore the masses who think that you…and they…are full of crap. I don’t blame you.:wink:

So, a guy who poops in the back of his inspection vehicle likes you. You should be proud. LOL