Cast Iron Waste Stack & Homeowners Insurance

Has anyone heard of insurance coverage being declined because a house has a cast iron waste stack? The house was built in the 1950’s and the stack is sound (no perforations).

No, I never have, but in my part of the country cast iron is still everywhere.

I see it all the time mixed with copper and PVC.

have only heard of it once in 23 years inspecting. The house was an older one in good shape in an upscale part ot town. I feel the insurance company was confusing cast iron drains with supply side galvanized steel which is a problem due to age and internal corrosion with full time water pressure…can lead to a claim if it starts to leak when no one’s around. A cast iron drain leak leads initially to water stains and not a full blown insurance claim.

Cast iron waste pipe is used all the time Commercially and Residentially when they can afford it.

Most building that use cast iron waste pipe are usually held to the limit of vertical lines specifically for noise control. They are a lot more quite than PVC.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What Marcel said! I don’t see it often but do see new cast iron in very high end houses. As Marcel said, it is quieter.

Most likely they are confusing it with supply.