Someone has removed all the cast iron and replaced the drain lines with 3’’ ABS plastic. First time I’ve seen a whole house done. Just wondering if there are any concerns with ABS for drains. No leaks detected.

DSCN0418 (Small).JPG

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The only concern that I could think of Peter, is if they replaced all of the old cast iron piping.

ABS is used exclusively up here for drains.

Why is that Brian?

I think Brian is questioning whether all of the cast iron has really been replaced. Has it? Hard to replace the vertical vent pipe running behind the walls… Was the main waste line from the basement/crawl/sub-slab replaced?

Other than that… ABS has no known issues that I’m aware of.

Exactly Andrew. I see a lot of copper re pipes here where some or all of the galvanized piping has been replaced. I am careful not to say definitively that all of the piping has been replaced as it is impossible for me to see everywhere.

It was a small ranch and all was replaced, except the vent stack where it went through the roof.

Thanks for the responses.

Depends on when the replacement occured and what product was used.


That depends on the age of the piping and manufacturer of the piping. Check out http://www.abspipes.com/id.html