Cat house inspection

did a house today with a whole seperate room used as a rest stop for all the cats. cut off the bottom fo the bedroom door for access and there were 9 yup 9 seperate cat boxes, window was alawys open for air flow and a small electric hoist to raise and lower the full cat boxes… I can still smell the stuff.



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What a crappy place

I say this whenever I see pets in a house (wording from InspectVue):

“Evidence suggests one or more domestic animals occupy the residence, which can have an adverse affect on air quality, etc, and require extensive cleaning of walls, floors, air ducts, etc. We will not comment further, but do read the disclaimer at the beginning of this section of the report.” In interior section header, I disclaim environmental contaminates, etc.

Did the boxes have names on them? :mrgreen:

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Holy sh!t :stuck_out_tongue:

This house smelled really good!! I almost barfed a few times!!

The cats used the walls, floors as a liter box. At least your house had liter boxes.

Pet urine is one nasty smell.

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I can usually get past the smell… it’s the f***ing fleas that make me nutty!

Do you really think the ppl making an offer on this one didn’t know there were pets?

I’ve done quite a few inspections for buyers from out of state that never set a foot in the house.

I use every opportunity to make my inspections as bullet proof as possible in court.

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dammit… I thought you were going to be discussing a different type of place !!!:smiley:


Definitely a lot of pu-ssy in that house.

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Had one like that last week. Owners tried to hide the smell/damage by putting in new carpet. Two great dane dogs were kept in this room. House has been empty for 2 years, still 15% moisture where “it” wicked up the wall.


moisture reading.jpg


Oh, you mean a real “cat” house? I thought we were about to have the thread of the century!



It comes in gallons:

I thought you were referring to another type of Cat House… :grinning: I was thinking, Luck Bugger!

I would have taken one sniff as I walked in the front door and canceled the inspection.

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House I bought back in 04 just a couple years into my inspecting career - total disaster, ruined with cat pee from feral cats the neighbor was feeding and got in to ruin the place. Sellers hid it with air fresheners and new carpet. Pics are after I demoed a bunch of stuff. Took the sellers to mediation and got $2500 which was nothing compared to what is cost me. Being an inspector cost me… I’m supposed to be able to see through carpet!