Cats in the attic!

I inspected a house yesterday that had cats living in the attic. When I went up into the attic I immediately smelled cat urine, it was disgusting! Interestingly my termite inspector had been in the attic before me and didn’t smell anything. After poking around I saw the cats (at least 3). They are entering from a small opening under a roof eave, there are trees near the roof for access onto the roof. What are your thoughts on the issues that this can bring for my clients? Obviously cats needs to be removed and access closed up-but I am concerned about long term affects? Also I was not able to access the entire attic, I am concerned that there may be unseen damage.:twisted:

I once did a 4 point for a scumbag welfare renter. Who told me she put a cat in the attic to kill the rats.

Talk about scared to open the hatch.

Fortunately when I went up there I did not get attacked by a poor cat trying to escape and fortunately for it it apparently escaped because i did not smell a dead animal and I am good at smelling stink.

If I would have found it dead or seen it I would have reported her to the police for animal abuse.

Tell your customer to stock up on plenty of cat food. :wink:

Just write it up example below.

( Strong smell of cat urine saw at least three cats.
recommend immediate cleaning and removal of cats.
Suspect there could be damage immediate repair and replacement if needed.
I was not able to see the whole attic.)

I always report on any animal infestation and/or contamination as a potential health hazard, and the potential for damage to components/systems located within the attic.

Additionally, I will often recommend disinfecting of the insulation, drywall/plaster and framing, along with the standard recommendation of eradication.

I wanted to tell them that the good news is that they will not have a rodent problem lol.

Thanks Roy, that is pretty much how I wrote it up.

I would tell the buyer to look on the bright side; the new house they are buying probably will not have any mice.:slight_smile:

I wrote up a home for a stifling ammonia smell due to over population and under sanitation of cats.

Interior has abundant and stifling ammonia smell, causing extreme breathing difficulty. Smell appears to be originated from a large feline population inside dwelling. This low indoor air quality may present health hazards is not properly treated. Recommendation: Hire professional cleaning/remediation company equipped to remove such hazards.

Ugh, that’s awful for everyone involved; the three cats in a bad situation, the prospective homeowner for having to worry about this stuff. That kind of animal treatment makes me see red.