Cause of Deaths in the U.S.

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So 248,000 from tobacco and alcohol, which the government supplies and controls (in Canada at least) and 72 from terrorist attacks and 0 from marijuana. Sorta makes you question the agenda doesn’t it?

And what this has to do with home inspections.

Often home inspectors are asked by their clients if they should test for radon. Real world loss-of-life comparisons help consumers decide about whether or not they should test. If you are worried about shark attacks, getting trampled by cows, or terrorism, you should be worried sick about radon. It puts things in proper perspective so that your clients can decide if they want a radon test or not.

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Heroine should be heroin unless Wonder Woman has gone bad on us!

I would change “Radon Gas” to “Radon Gas (Lung Cancer)” as we breath it all the time and it rarely kills us.

“Accidental” Drownings? Should that just be Drowning?

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How about changing “Vending Machines” to “Killer Vending Machines”?
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I think the majority of home buyers know what radon is and what it does. At least they do in my area. I don’t need any widespread statistics to convince them they should have a radon test.

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Many people have a fear of flying and lightening. It would be good to include those numbers.

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More people die from Radon than drunk driving every year, and here in SW Ohio we live in the red zone, meaning the highest potential.

That is a quick and easy fact to remember that usually persuades people to have the test done.

Who knows?

That’s not quite true. Radon is the only carcinogenic that has actual dead bodies (uranium miners) to prove it causes lung cancer.

And on the statistical side of it, it is equally as evident, especially when you look at the synergy of people exposed to radon who also smoked. The risk from being exposed to radon and smoking doesn’t just add up, it multiplies.