CCST information

Check this link for information on CSST. Texas Inspectors beware.

I haven’t found any statement from the National Fire Protection that this stuff is safe.

The National Assn. Of State Fire Marshalls and the U.S. Senate have safety concerns about CSST. Will post letter stating such from these entities when I get to my desk computer. I’m out in the Gulf of Mexico.

It may appear we were attacked in Dallas by elements in order for us to get on board and report this stuff to help limit the liability of the builder, installer and manufacturer. IMO that’s a (bleep) way for others to cover their (bleep). There’s no way to inspect for some of the stuff and our SoP is limited to readily visible and accessible.

I guess one way to tick off a bunch of Texas inspectors is to throw one under the bus.

Not sure if the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has any inklings on this. According to their mission statement one might assume so but counting on Washington to do anything seems ridiculous in its own sense.

One thing for sure, from what I hear Texas inspectors are ticked off about the Dallas litigation and are not “kindly” when it comes to CSST whether bonded or unbounded. Appears to be a push to encourage the use of black iron pipe with builders. Central and north Texas seems to be the hot spots.

I guess one way to tick off a bunch of Texans is to throw one under the bus. We can come together when needed.

When we are held accountable for the actions of others we can decide how much of that liability we want and encourage a change.

I suppose adding a copy of the National Assn. Of State Fire Marshall’s letter and maybe a copy of a jury verdicts on the material would be enough information for a buyer to make up their own mind. It’s not our job to convince a buyer to accept anything. If you were a buyer would you want to know all the information about CSST? Why would the inspector want such liability? Looks like a precedent was set with the Dallas litigation.

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Might also read the Final Report - “Validation of Installation Methods for CSST Gas Piping to Mitigate Indirect Lightning Related Damage” for bondings.

In one of the files it also shows bonding together of metal flue pipes and chimney pipes through the roof where CSST is installed.

Just need to follow manufacturers instructions.
Not up to us to play expert on the stuff.

I agree. However in the monthly meetings in Texas, inspectors want to know.
Our educational weekend to central Texas with maybe 100 or more inspectors included homes under construction that was blessed with whole house CSST none of us expected. That was a great. A lot of info is not posted on this forum but in house via members. Our SoP keeps us hopping. There’s plenty of questions at the “packed house” Dallas (Cedar Hill) CEU classes this weekend which was expected and CSST is not even the topic of the classes.