CSST-TV newscasts. Post yours.

A news cast you have probably not seen yet.
Listen to what the Rockwall FireMarshal says…

Yep , they should ban the crap get back to real pipe fitting instead lazy installers . same as duct work not as good as the old days . everyone is in a rush quality goes out the window

My thots too. If you google titeflex and patents and black jacket, you will see that in trying to get a new patent for the black jacket, the mfrr has throw yellow jacket under the bus.

From - Texas Realtor, May 2015, Page 8 -
“You Ought to Know
Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) - a flexible pipe that transmits natural gas and propane – can shock people or be a fire hazard if it’s not properly bonded and grounded. Inspectors aren’t required to identify or report the type of gas piping in a property, or if CSST is present, unless there’s a deficiency related to the bonding and grounding of the electrical system. If a buyer wants to know whether a property has CSST, or wants to make repairs, he should hire a licensed electrician.”

That’s my emphasis on the last line.

What does the f̶o̶x̶… err electrician say?

Here is the original NBC national news tape on the Lubbock fire that caused the dead of Brandon Teel

Am not sure who wrote that piece for TAR but am thinking that they are going to get a talking to…I had not heard that CSST will shock a person.

Frisco Texas and CSST

Teel family interview in Lubbock


I read, investigate and report accordingly…

the Cozen brochure I had not seen but it is great third party matl for inspectors to use. Who is going to sue a atty group?

Sorry for being so cynical.


The manufacturers bought that CSST safety day William