CD's & Income for InterNACHI Chapters

Hi Guys,

If any chapters would like fully functional trial CD’s of Home Inspector Pro, please let me know how many and I’ll send them & some flyers for you to distribute. I’ll give $25 to the chapter for each copy sold. I’d give more but since NACHI members already get $100 off and Uncle Sam takes another half, there wouldn’t be much left at our $399 price :o.

Let me know if you’re interested! A few chapters have approached me recently about this so I figured I’d make a general annoucement (after getting Nick’s approval of course).

Send some this way, we are having a Tech session next meeting, Bob is going to show us your software. we are going to be looking at others also.

send me an e-mail i will get you an address.

Hi Jeff,

Bob contacted me last week and I sent him a bunch of cd’s already. He said they arrived a day or two ago so you guys are set :slight_smile: