Hello All,
Seeking input on a company named ESP (Enviromental Service Professionals). They called me to see if I could do work for them in my area & offered training, tools, certification, & they do the marketing & supply some work. Wouldn’t say how much work. Curious if anyone knows much about them or are they just sugar coating an expensive environmental training course of their own to sell me?
Thanx in advance,
T.J. Christopher

I could not find them on the BBB listing.

Here is there web site http://www.espusa.net/cehi/index.html

Thanx for the reply, I was really hoping they had contacted someone else besides just me out there in inspector land, said they got my name off inspector net search, so I could get some feedback on whether this is for real or not. It really sounds like something different as they get work from insurance co’s for enviro (mold radon, etc) inspections. Even said some ins. co’s are requiring these insps. prior to issuing policies & provide you with annual checkups on the same homes. How great would that be,? recurring work. Hope to get some inspectors working for them already as references. They said they just started last (2007) summer so may not be in BBB yet, sure don’t to lay out a bunch of credit 23% interest card $$ for a sugar coated enviro course training, tools, & crap that I would never use in my part of the world w/o leads/pre arranged appts. Enviro stuff don’t go well in Wyoming, never had a request for it yet. Please help me out if anybody knows anything about this outfit at all, yhey are going to call me back Monday.
T.J. Christopher A+ Home Inspections

This CEHI is the second company this week that has contacted me this week offering me the opportunity to make 1500.00 - 2000.00 a day on residential work. in this market and this climate i dont think so.

The second one that contacted me was http://www.claimspages.com/index.asp I was not interested but someone else may be.