Need some input...

I got called from Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

They want to train Home Inspectors and shoot them some business in Enviromental Inspections. They Market and book. If trained you can call yourself a “Certified Enviromental Home Inspector” or CEHI.

Has anyone heard of them? :-k

I posted on members only board with no joy yet. Thought I would try this one as well.
Here is a copy of the e-mail they sent me.

Hello…Is there anybody out there…Hello

Thet are all busy signing up.

I am starting to think that no one wants to talk environmental today.


Have you got a number or web address for them. I would like some more infomation.

In the original post I attached the e-mail I received and the website is at the botom along with contact numbers.


“No joy”…I haven’t heard that expression since I retired from the Navy.

Well seeing how I haven’t had the “joy” of retirement yet, You might here some other colorfull Navy jargin.
By the way I have 1 year 2 months and 15 days till I retire but who’s countin’

It looked more like a Franchise opportunity to me?

sounds to me like someone wanting you to do all of the work and them get all of the money???

You have to much time left to even wear a short timers chain or do they still do that.

I just checked out their website and for $3.995 you can be certified in everything from mold to radon and they will give you the tools and all if you use their service

They charge about $4,000.00 for the training and equipment.
Severing North WESTERN OHIO

And the telephone never rings

Me thinks I see some dry land for sale in Florida

Anyone know anyone that is part of their program that is making $$

If I were looking for their services would google ever find them??


I am still trying to get more info. If I get the training and the equipment couldn’t I add these services to my inspections as an ancillary service and not worry about them calling. These are some questions I will be asking when they call back.
Do you think that is a steep price for the training and the equipment?

They don’t give us short timer chains anymore. In fact I’m about to ship over to another sea tour to finish out my career. They gotta have one last bite of my a$$ before they will let me retire. :mad: But thats O.K. we are at war and I am proud to serve my country.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If they include EIFS certification that would not be to bad.

Thank you for doing that. :wink:

environmental liability does not interest me in the slightest(with the exception of radon). If I by chance miss something structural or mechanical, I can fix it myself. If I dont find mold behind sheetrock and someone gets sick, I am bankrupt. The only people that should be inspecting for mold and other environmental conditions are 4 year degree industrial hygeneists IMO.

Thanks from me too David. Don’t know you personally, but proud of you all the same. :slight_smile:

First and formost thank you for your support of the troops. It is because of you and this country that we proudly continue to do our job the best we can.

Next, Thanks for the responses. I am think about this decision from other angles that I didn’t see before such as liability issues. It is always nice to get a new prospective on things. Your inputs are appreciated.

I will let you know more as I receive it.

Again, Thank you