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I did a job on a one year old townhome yesterday. This was a new home warranty job.

The unit is in the center of a block of 5 units.

Cracks have developed at the joints between the partition walls and the ceiling at several locations. The owner tells me the cracks were there when they did the PDI and repairs were made. The cracks have re-appeared in the same places as before- they are bigger now.

I checked the attic and noted the Trusses are parallel with the side walls of the unit and perpendicular to the areas where the cracks are.

I suspect Truss uplift to be the cause. Am I in the right ball park or out in left field? What is the fix, if I am right?



Sounds like it.

Adam, A Plus


By the sounds of what you are describing, it appears to be a simple Truss-uplift. Due to the normal settling forces exerted on that home (in the winter) due to the possible shrinkage and twisting of the wood framing members, minor cracks, nail pops, ridging, etc. in the drywall may occur. These blemishes are to be expected and do not affect the structural integrity of the building.

Here’s a great article that’ll explain your situation.

Hang a moulding around the room. The moulding should be fastened to the ceiling. When the truss flexes the ceiling will lift at edges and the moulding with it, thus hiding the cracking. It could be the result of differential temperatures experienced between the trusses above the insulation and the truss areas that are covered with insulation.

Thanks guys
Dave That is a great article. I forwarded the link to my clients
Thanks for the help