Crack appearing.


Was wondering if anybody could please advise on whether I should get a pro to come and take a look at this. Sorry for the poor photo, was sent to me as I am away from my house at the moment. I can get more if needed. It has appeared in the middle of my living room. House is 6 years old.

Thanks in advance.


I can’t say without more information. Cracks can be common and cracks can be significant. More information would be helpful. If your concerned, have someone look at it or post a lot more pictures and a lot more information here. What’s above the cracked area?


Not really clear but it looks like a poor tape/mudding job.
Cosmetic only.

Thank you for your replies, I think I will call somebody in. /9’e further information is that it is slap bang in the middle of the living room and seemed to appear out of nowhere! A further development is that it seems to have perfectly square mark around it now, I will attach a photo.

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies. The crack is right in the middle of the ceiling in the kitchen. We have an attic fan in our loft. Another development is a dark perfect recatnagle that stretches along 3/4 of the room perfectly straight. I have attached a photo.

Many thanks.

Contact a Structural Engineer AND attorney


Thank you very much.

Any idea what I would call this so I could give the structural engineer and effective description over the phone so they know what they should expect.