Ceiling joist sawed off and other framing ?'s

Pic 1 is the ceiling joist being sawed off or did I spend too time in the attic and got dizzy?

Pic2 Can a 2x8 purlin be supported by a 2x6?

Pic3 Are 2x4 ceiling joists sufficient? I have never seen framing like this.

ceiling joists missing.JPG

ceiling joist cut.JPG

2x6 suport on 2x8 purlin.JPG

Depends on span the link is still current if this is new construction

Where’s the insulation??? :shock:


There’s no way from the photos to understand what that framing is all about. It is easy, however, to understand that it’s a mess.

I have to agree with Richard, there is not enough information in the pictures to assess other than the fact it is a mess.

Something is not right.
Further evaluation by a competent Framing Contractor or Architect required.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

#1. the joists on the right are bearing on and end at a bearing wall that also supports the purlin braces. All that flat 2x4 framing is by “…persons lacking knowledge of good building practice”.

#2. Barry’s right about code, but I see a lot of purlin with 2x6 for strongbacks which is perfectly fine. Been there for a long time with no sign of failure. Before the present code, I built many to the same specs as you see in that picture (except for the 1x4 strongback blocks which will only accept 8d nails with less shear strength than 16d). This appeared to be properly braced with proper brace spacing. Everyone’s got to make their own decision about what they call, but I never call 2x6 purlin strongback as a defect unless it shows some sign of failure such as bowing, sagging cracking or fastener failure.

the home is just past the drywall only stage so that’s why theres no insulation.

so is the 2x4 framing ok ? this is a 4200 sf home. is the cut ceiling joist ok. it has definitely been cut. i’m just not sure how to verbage it.

is a 2x6 purlin brace sufficient for a 2x8 purlin? i always understood the support having to be at least the same size as the members its supporting ie. 2x6 purlin supporting 2x6 rafter as Barry pointed out.