Attic Floor joist 2x4X27.5'

I did a pre-drywall inspection and noticed that the attic floor joist were 2x4. I also noticed 2 joist that spanned 27.5 feet between the outer wall and a doorway. I don’t recall seeing this large of a span using 2x4’s. Any help on this I would appreciate. The 2 pictures are of the span, one is from the outer wall to the door frame, the other from the door frame to the outer wall.

I say OK!
However, Refer to the engineers truss package for proper installation.
That is the only way to know for sure.
It’s usually in the permit box.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the quick reply, I did check the blueprints which was all the structural documents I could fine. There are engineered trusses for the 2nd floor but they’re not used for the attic flooring, only the 2x4 are used.

There would have to be an engineering package somewhere… 2x4 should be okay as long as there’s no additional load on it other than the insulation

Possibly, however I’m not on the site and working on the report and wondering if I should write up the ceiling joist have a 27 foot span using the 2x4. Should it be 2x6 or 2x8.

Absolutely not !
Let me repeat myself absolutely not.
Simply because this could be engineered that way. And if it is you will look like a fool.
If you feel so hell-bent in reporting this. Recommend.

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Got it,this is why I ask before putting it in writing. Thanks again for your input.

Thank you sir a great question for us.
If you continue to do punch outs and new construction phase inspections. If you can’t document it with the engineering and or structure plans. It is Way Beyond the scope of a home inspector.
God bless!
Have fun inspecting

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Based only on the 2 photos you posted…
IMO, those are Ceiling Trusses, not Attic Floor Trusses. I assume there are no actual rooms up there, but maybe an appliance platform, so not a ‘Floor’.
My only comment would be if there are no “Certification Documents” attached readily observable to a joist, usually near the attic hatch or light fixture.

For those from Florida that feel the Docs won’t be attached until the Builder walk it… BS… if they don’t do it when installed, it virtually NEVER get’s done at all!!

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Could you say that again in southern redneck dialogue? LOL

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Thanks again Roy, stay safe…

Silly Yankee!

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