Ceiling Radiant Heat

Any ideas on reapiring these systems? I have one where the electrical heating wire was cut during the install of a ceiling fan box and would like to get it back up and running. It would require a special splice and some real expertise.

These are the most inefficient heating systems ever designed, although they’re great for heating the attic.

I would suggest you look into alternative methods for heating, rather than repairing this system.

Since they run on electricity, one could consider them to be inefficient. However, the ones that work in my area work very well at heating the interior of the home. Most people down here disconnected them back in 2000-2001 when Enron was illegally manipulating the energy markets. If you have to have heat, and we presume that one does, it shouldn’t be outside the scope of an electrician to make the repair. Much less expensive than installing a new forced air system, especially in this economy.

HI Russel.

It not that electric heat is inefficient because almost all the energy consumed is converted to useful heat as long as there is enough insulation above them.

The problem is the cost per BTU to produce that heat.

There are many online calculators that can help you determine the cost per BTU for various energy sources.

HERE is a very good one that even includes CO2 calcs for those interested.

You ask about a splice and get a lecture on energy.
Just call an electrician , as we have no photo to go by.

If it was cut at a junction box as is suggested , the repair should not be very difficult.

Just get it done before you end up with a bigger problem , such as an arc fault which could lead to a fire.

Those things have a large amp draw.Not being there I have no idea what was cut or what it is touching.

Sounds like the heating element was damaged = difficult to safely repair. Check out the new electric fireplaces. They are inexpensive, relatively efficient, portable and throw a lot of heat.

John Kogel

Ceiling radiant heat was used here extensively in the 70s. Where it works, people tend to really like it, as it heats from the ceiling down (which is probably why people would argue that it is inefficient). But once it warms a room, they say it stays warm. I have also been told that if the heating element/tape gets damaged, it is very difficult to repair. Just my 2 cents.

There is no approved or compliant way to repair electric under plaster radiant heat. You just scrapped it when you cut it installing that box. The repair now is to abandon it and install baseboard heat.

If you have any questions about ceiling heat you can contact us. We have been installing and repairing ceiling heat since 1945.


Tom Christmas