Ceiling Support

In the inspection today I found that the home was built by the owner in 1976 and there seemed to be a problem with the cathedral ceiling. The walls and ceiling had cracks and signs of damage.

I was hoping to get opinions on the damage and if I was correct in my advice.
The picture #82 is in the attic space in the attic, the other side with the damaged wall and ceiling seemed to be supported by the interior walls and does not seem to have enough support.

I recommended getting a structural engineer to look at it.

The tranfered point load may have caused the problem to the walls. This is commom when someone tries to repair a roof sag with a knee wall or support not directly above a support wall or load bearing wall. Again the pictures do not show much and this is my observation of this type of problem. More pictures are needed to make this conclusive.:frowning:

Structural engr. sounds like a good call considering the large cracks in the sheetrock.