Cell Phone Solicitors!!!

In 15 days or so, the telemarketers will have access to your cell phone numbers. They can and will call your cell phone, at YOUR EXPENSE!!! There is a phone number and a website you can go to and stop these calls. The website allows you to add 3 phone numbers to the “do not call” list. It is painless and freeeeeeeeee.

1 888 382-1222



Do not hesitate and do this now. It takes up to 30 days for this system to activate for your phone. You can also use this for your office or home phone.


I get these calls on my cell phone already…probably because I use my cell for business and they get wind of this rather fast. Funny thing is I put my business, home and other office phones on this list about 1-2 years ago and guess what…I still get the calls…and now they have found another nasty tactic…FAX numbers…they send these FAX’s all the time…must be a loop hole in the system…

But again…GREAT advice for you guys…like I said my cell is also my business phone as well…so I still get the calls.

I did all my numbers a while back and for the most part it works.

Paul, if you can fax back to their number, send about 10 black sheets of paper. That ought to take care of their cartridge. :wink:

lol…actually dont laugh here…BUT we did that but it was more like 20 and also sent a nasty reply…that number stops…but a new one starts in a few days…we get the low cost mortgage faxes, trips to disney faxes…you name it…they come into the office on a regular basis…

One was quite interesting about a 250,000 mortgage for only 400.00 a month…amazing huh

When a solicitor calls, try this: hello?..hello?..HELLO??, click.

lol…wish I could brian…never know when the faxes come in and the machine takes care of that on the other line.

Here is one GOOD way to get normal solicitors off the phone and I use it alot on my normal phones…

1.) They ask are you the person who makes the advertising choices and so on ( insert what ever they are asking…:wink:

My reponse: we are a corporation and everything is voted on by a board of directors so no one can give you a an answer without submission to the board…

then CLICK…end of conversation…:slight_smile:


4 is enough all you need to do is tape them together and after it gets started you now tape them in an endless loop and like the ever ready battery they just keep going and going time the timer at the other end shuts it down .
I have more not so nice tricks .
Roy Cooke

Awsome link Greg…green box for you my friend…:slight_smile:

I love it, I can’t wait for the next chance.:smiley:

Kevin L. Saunders
Clear View Home Inspection, LLC

That may make you feel good but most spam fax is sent by computer. I imagine they look at incoming faxes before they print them.

When you think you are getting a solicitation call just say "You #%^&% bill collectors can all kiss my %%#. They will hang up and take you off the list.

Wow…greg can get hostile on the phone…lol