Cement block foundation

I wrote these up as as “The concrete piers is not supported properly in the crawlspace. Concrete blocks should be installed with holes facing vertical for maximum structural integrity. This area could use reinforcement. A qualified licensed general contractor should inspect further and repair as needed.”

Just wanting to see what everyone else’s opinion on this was or if there was something I should have added.

They need a contractor to build the concrete block pier support with the right orientation of the CMU and require a proper footing support underneath them and centered under the framing it is supporting.

It may just be me.
I never used the word holes for things like that. I called them openings.
And I generally don’t refer things like that. I just call that what I see and let them figure it out.
If not you refer everything and it looks like shit on your report.

If there was a footing, I think you did well, Chris… :smile:

IMO, it’s not a good narrative. I also wonder what else might be going on with the beams or floor structure, as those look “temporary”.

The piers are improperly constructed and need to be completely rebuilt by a contractor
(you can add specificity if needed: foundation contractor, licensed, qualified, etc.)

The pieces of block, in this picture, are what can happen if the orientation of the existing blocks are not changed to vertical.


They are “concrete blocks” (CMU’s) and the “holes” are called ‘cells’ or '‘cores’.

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or this


These 3 cell or core blocks are not to common anymore and don’t have much capacity on their sides.

Needs more than reorienting of the blocks.

For sure!..

Thank you everyone for all the input.

Looks like supplemental support to me. CMU=concrete masonry unit