Cored Brick - Pier Installation Question

Quick question - cored bricks laying this direction on a pier installation. Is this a concern? Only one pier underneath the home was like this, the rest were laid typically, with holes facing vertically.
Thanks in advance for your input.

What year is the home?

2014 is the year the home was built

Rookie nobody here, looks incorrect to me…it’s just one picture but… I’m not sure that I would call this out in a major way, I’ve been under a crawl space many times and if they all looked like that I would have been happy but lets see what others say

Right. I always write up the masonry blocks when they face the “wrong” way. So, what makes the red brick any different? A Google search didn’t help me much, so I figured I’d ask the masters!

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Define the difference between ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’.
Which is it?
I don’t have a definition for ‘Almost right’ or ‘Almost wrong’!

I’ll do my best to describe. When a masonry block has the hole facing perpendicular to the load, I always write it up as improper construction practice. My question here is if the red bricks are given the same treatment. Not sure, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m not looking for anything “almost” - just if this specific application is right or wrong.

Let me put it this way… open air pockets are NOT structural. Period. Masonry blocks/bricks/cmu’s etc. are intended to be structural.

Perfect. That sounds like the straight forward answer I was looking for in the first place. Much appreciated. I’ll be recommending further evaluation from a structural engineer.

I’m not sure I would go that far unless there was evidence of an actual problem other than orientation.
I would simply explain what you observed, and the reason for the concern. Possibly review by a foundation contractor or brick mason, who IMO, can likely do the simplest repair to make it right.
The most difficult thing for inspectors is to refrain from saying too much.

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love the advice. Thanks.

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How about this one? - “Possible improper construction practices were noted at a foundation pier. Recommend a masonry contractor evaluate and advise on how to bring the construction up to standards and if open air pockets are suitable for structural applications.”

It’s not “Possible”… it IS wrong!

Again… you’re saying too much.


I have a habit of saying “possible” since I am not the trade expert. Leaves me open on either end. But in this case, I’m riding with your advice and I will remove the possible. If it turns out that this is an ok application, I am gonna scissor kick you in the back of the head Chip. HAAAA

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“The foundation pier located in the NW quadrant of the crawlspace was constructed with improperly oriented masonry bricks. This orientation creates a weakened pier assembly and should be corrected as necessary. A foundation contractor or brick mason should be consulted for repair options and repairs.”

You are not expected to be an ‘expert’. Just have the ability to observe and recognise improper methods of construction to the best of your ability.

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Not too shabby for an old man with an 80’s stash! I’ll take it… SOLD

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Thanks for the confidence and direction. Keep your eyes peeled for my next rookie question.

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Excuse me… 70s!!


If you want to pull off the 70’s look, lay off the Just For Men! HAAA You should join the Ned Flanders look-a-like club.