Cement board firewall

I was in a manufactured home that had a garage added next to it at some point. They left the fiber cement panel siding on the house in the garage. Would you consider that a fire barrier or would you consider that not to be a fire barrier???

There is a small portion of the old gable end where I could see framing material and I would definitely consider that a breach in my opinion.

I greatly appreciate your input

Both areas would be a breech, a fire hazard.

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I googled and for every website I found that said it was okay I found one that said it was not okay. It appears the county signed off on the garage addition and firewall.

I ended up writing in my report that I was unable to verify one way or another and recommend further evaluation by qualified individual.

Garage requires an “approved” fire separation. Cement siding and its installation method isn’t listed as such, so it’s wrong. Since the code does not address it, it’s up to AHJ. Call and ask if they’d approve it as a qualified “fire separation”.

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Agree with Simon.

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