Central California InterNACHI Chapter Fresno

Hi there.
To cut through the chase, I am starting a local chapter of NACHI in the Central Valley next to Fresno. I am looking for other local NACHI members interested in joining as a charter member. If you or any other NACHI members are interested, please let me know. Please respond as soon as practical as I am just in the beginning stages and looking for some help and needing some Officers willing to take office. I think there is a great need for a local chapter and think it can benefit us all by helping each other. I also believe that we can network between ourselves and other members by brainstorming once a month while helping give our local community the best InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors in California. Thank you for your time. Royal…

I want to come out after you have a couple meetings.

That would be great. I have emailed over 60 Inspectors. Only about 6 have responded. I will continue to contact more. Talk to you later. Royal…

Keep me posted.

Good for you If Six come to your meeting that’s a start
.Many great inspectors started with going to NACHI meetings and knowledge traded is a good help to all.

I wish you well Roy Cooke

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