Certainteed Landmark

Hey all…I know there was a CA lawsuit about 10 years ago for massive delamination but these shingles are only 11 years old…at least that is what the homeowner remembers. Anyway, south facing slope about 40% of the shingles are suffering granual loss on the leading edge. I did note it in the report, the landscaper was there when I was and had blown all of the evidence of loss from the gutters. Anyway, was there issues after that bad batch was manufactured?

Hi Jenna,
Typically, granule loss at the leading edge of shingles indicates foot traffic, but that usually has a feathered appearance, which this doesn’t. It’s pretty minor now, but the appearance of this makes me think that moisture wicking upward from the lower butt edge of the shingle (maybe caused by inadequate asphalt cover of the glass fibers at the lower edge under certain conditions) has caused separation of the upper asphalt surface layer. This condition may or may not propagate up the shingle. Without determining the process that has caused this, there’s no way to know whether or not it does- or may- constitute “functional damage”),

That widespread, I’d recommend requesting examination by a manufacturer’s representative.
Last least a photo could be sent and get the mfgr’s opinions.


Thanks very much Kenton. Contacting the manufacturer hadn’t even occurred to me! I will do that and report back.