Hail damage?

This home was built in 1998, the electrical signoff was in May so that tells me the shingles were on the home before that. We had a very destructive hail storm in May 1998, roofs, vinyl and aluminum siding were all damaged. Most homes received new shingles and siding thru insurance claim settlements. I think the builder didn’t take any action or pocketed the insurance money and now the shingles are prematurely deteriorating. I told the clients the shingles will fail before the normal lifespan because of the damage. I think they are fiberglass base, 25 or 30 year shingles, but not sure. Any thoughts or other advice?




From your pictures I don’t see hail damage. Maybe its my eyes…

Agree, maybe a spot or two, but that’s it. The granule loss I see on the edges of the individual shingle(s) looks to be from heavy icing, that we are known for. Was the damage more prevalent lower on the roof plane, such as from damming? How was the insulation, ventilation, etc…?

Poor quality asphalt resulting in granule loss due to poor adhesion, especially along the edges which are the part most exposed to weather and damage footfall. The spot could be a hailstrike, but a couple of hailstrikes are no big deal unless they cause a through fracture of the shingle.

I didn’t necessarily report that this was hail damage, but not sure what else would cause it other than poor quality shingles, per Kenton’s response. Most of the damage was on south and west slopes which would see more sun damage especially if the hail storm loosened the granules. I reported that the shingles would likely fail prematurely; once the granules are gone the sun will do the rest. Strange thing is I haven’t seen this type of damage in this area so I think it rules out icing. Thanks for all the replies…!