Certainteed or hardi

Can any tell if this is the recalled certainteed siding, installed in 2008


Did you scratch it? Looks like fiber cement. Whatever it is, I think I see WRB so it has a defect.

Having built homes with both I can say it is very difficult to tell the difference just by looking. They are both fiber cement products. The Certainteed product is more brittle than the Hardi. It’s possible that a builder, GC, or supplier would be able to tell by some nuance in pattern, relative hardness, or other factor.

I doubt you would be able to date the product even if you removed one to examine the back side. I don’t recall seeing much by way of lot number, etc., being printed there. You would probably need to get ahold of the original packaging, but I imagine that ship has sailed.

Why do you care who made it? Report the siding type and the defects. Voila!

Agreed. Report any damage and move on.

Why? Because it is not just defects, it is because there may be a class action suit involved for Certainteed but not for Hardie for the issue found. Something to inform your client about as part of customer service. :roll:

Correct, thx Steve.