James Hardie Siding Installation Inspection

Hello! I’m trying to find an inspector in the Chicagoland area who is well-versed in the proper way to install James Hardie siding. I’ve been looking around on my own and striking out, so I would love to know if anyone here has this expertise or can recommend someone who does.

Brief background: we purchased a new build that has Hardie siding in late 2022. It’s come to our attention that the siding was not installed according to the manufacturer specifications and we are experiencing problems with it. Hardie is asking us to have a certified inspector come out and do a report on the install. The inspector who did our inspection didn’t catch this, so we’re hoping to find someone with knowledge of fiber cement products.

Give Will Decker a call… https://www.deckerhomeservices.com/


Do you have any pictures to upload for us to see?

Here is one of the installation guide’s

HardiePlank Installation Inst_HZ10 (jameshardiepros.com)

Hi! I do have photos but the forum is telling me that since I’m a new user I can only attach one piece of media at a time. I’ll add them separately. We have compared what we are seeing on the house/garage to the Hardie installation guide. So has a Hardie preferred installer, who obviously knows much better than we do. So we know there are errors, but Hardie is asking specifically for a report from an inspector rather than an installer.

Thank you very much!

That’s easy! If it’s Hardie siding it was installed incorrectly.
Every house I inspect has it improperly installed.

Aka not according to manufacturer’s installation instructions.


Hardie plank installation.
A client was concerned because the installer was caulking the planks and he asked me to take a look. I don’t see a lot of this. Is the trim installed properly on the bottom? Shouldn’t there be flashing? I’m not sure how the pipe is going to be finished off. They have some installed too close to the soil. What other issues might you see? Thanks in advance.

Everything about that installation. Very non-professional from the photos you’re showing.


You have the instructions right there. Every question you have asked is referenced in the instructions.


Good point.

It’s kind of interesting and I was a little surprised at the installation issues. The installation instructions show z channel above windows but not what they recommend below them or if the horizontal trim should be flashed. I looked at the mfr. website after appointments this evening which has a lot of information. The flashing above the windows which I didn’t include was too close to the flashing too. Hardie says 1/4 inch and they were 1/8th at best. I appreciate the input. After a long day in Florida when the temperature starts to remind you that summer is around the corner and it’s about to get HOT every day and my brain turns to scambled eggs sometimes it’s good to have additional feedback.