Florida Ins. Roof Certification, and Pricing in General

Roof Certifications have not been one of my profit centers though I’m getting more and more requests to do them. Being relatively new to Florida (only been in biz here since 10/09) I would like to charge a fee that is commensurate with the true value of the inspection but I’d prefer to pass on the job rather than low-ball it. In fact, I would hope that now that we have licensing in Florida, each and every (licensed) inspector should return to their price book and revise their pricing accordingly. Based on what I see many other inspectors charging for inspections, an increase of at least 20% across the border is in order.

Having been an inspector and in related businesses for more than 47 years (yes the big seven zero is just around the corner for me), I certainly don’t need to take jobs cheaply just for practice, I stopped ‘practicing’ more than thirty years ago.

So, what I’d like is an honest answer from those who wont mind being counted, as to what they consider is a fair rate for a Insurance Roof Certification inspection. Some of the numbers I hear from folks local to me are absolutely abysmal. I wouldn’t leave the office and start the car for less than $100 bucks and yet I’m told there are inspectors charging $75 and less for a roof inspection. Is this truly all the Florida inspectors think their time and experience is worth? Please comment because I would really like to feel the pulse here, if the rate is $75 or less then the patient is dead for sure.

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503

Bad news… the patient is dead.

I will not do them for less than $125.00 unless they are bundled with a full home inspection. Then I add on $75.00 for the roof cert. Unfortunately, as long as someone thinks they can make money at $75 per inspection, that is what they will charge. They fail to take into consideration all of the costs associated with doing business, especially liability. One good storm down here and most of them will be out of business after they get the call from the insurance company telling them that their report was wrong. Until then the fun and games will continue.

The extrmely dead patient in Floirda thinks like this: Price per hour $ 25.00, average time to do roof inspection including travel time 1 1/2 hrs = 37.50, average travel distance to and from inspection site: 40 miles X .50 Per Mile = 20.00, Sub Total= 57.50 X 20% O&P= 69.00 Three or four of those or Wind Mits a Day and it beats sitting in the unemployment line. Yeppers thats the way dead patients thinks here in Florida “Welcome” ! or Spring has sprung and I-95 North awaits!

Fred, I’m sorry you have taken this personally, the patient I was referring to is the profit center I call roof cert inspections, not the inspectors that do them. Based on what you charge and your calculation which was right on, albeit you used a very low base of $25, and you would have to tie all those 3 to 4 inspections to a tight and somewhat impossible schedule to even meet your formula. Anyway, it is sad that if you are an inspector of any repute that you feel you are only worth $25 an hour.
And, BTW, before you put me on the I-95 hwy you might be interested to know that I lived and worked in Florida before most of the members of this association were born. In fact, I was a bricklayer for Gulf Land Corp/Mackle Brothers in 1959 and build some of the first trac house models in Port Charlotte. (ok, so in those days, a good mason, which I was, earned only $1.50 per hour, a far cry from a $25 ph home inspector. :roll: )

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503


I am a very light hearted guy with a large sprinkle of sarcasm. I am very sorry you took my message the wrong way. The bad thing about message boards is that you cannot hear the sarcasm in the words. Brother, I am with you all the way on this! The comment about heading north was not aimed at you but to all of us, if it’s gets any cheaper here we will all be heading that way! As a matter of fact I am only a few years behind you I too was a young carpenter here in Fl in the very early 70’s working for $3.50 an hour, I feel ya! By the way I charge $125 for roof certs and no cheaper, like you I won’t start the truck for any less! Peace out.

As a Certified Roofing Contractor, I charge $100.

Fair Price, I’d be happy with 3 a day. :smiley:

I started out charging $125 — After receiving none i dropped to $100 and got a couple ---- Unfortuneately, in my area the going rate of competitors is $75 - $85 -------- Usually they get bundled with a wind mit so that helps — If I want em, I have to work within the local price range, its just the cold, hard facts!

I charge $100 for the service. There is a guy/company, who I will not mention here that is charging $50 and another company, which i will not mention here who charges $60.

If I cant get $100 a shot. Im not interested in doing them and have no problem making that known. It would be nice if more inspectors took the same approach instead of racing to the bottom of the market.

Your one hell of a nice guy Fred – Bruce is new to this message board an will learn our intricate personalities in time. He blasted me on his third post by reading waaaay to much into my response - Its all good - we are here to bounce things off of each other, and his 2 cents is more than welcome. I understood your post & sarcasm and thought it was humorously insightfull.

Bruce… you need to realize that Florida is being inundated with ex-Walmart door greeters that used to make minimum wage. $25/hr is more than triple their previous wages, and they are in hog-heaven!!!


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BTW… Have you met “The Meeker” yet? :twisted:

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Sometimes, when the phone rings, I feel like I’m trapped in an old TV game show - somewhere between “Let’s Make A Deal” and “Name That Tune”!
“I can do that inspection for $100”
“I can do that inspection for $75”
Unfortunately, the prophecy given about licensing causing low-ball inspectors has come true - at least in my experience. I’ve been hit with competitors charging sometimes half what I charge - and I’m cheap (or so I’ve been told!)
Sometimes I have to deal or risk not working…

Meeker gets his own awards!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have yet to meet an ex wal-mart door greeter turned home inspector. what I have met are laborers, carpenters, masons, roofers, plumbers, hvac techs and other tradesmen looking for the American dream. Most of us are sick and tired of bosses and the continue assault on wages. The hurry up and get it done attitude without the desire to get it done correctly. I, like many here chose Home Inspection because of the natural fit the business provides. Once you 've been a tradesmen for a period of time you understand the mechanics of Home Building. With just a little more schooling and a few dollars the American dream can be reached. Those who put Home Inspections in a rocket science category are just tooting there own horn to make themselves a cut above the rest. Great marketing if you can pull it off.


there you go…another rocket scientist.

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Well at least this is correct.

What you have said is even funnier if you know the story of my prestigious award :smiley:

I’ve been around a little longer than you think. I believe it is related to your very first stupid
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