Certification for Septic Inspections (FL)

What are the actual requirements in the state of Florida to perform septic inspections? Does our HI license allow us to perform tank certifications? Do we need a septic contracting license or is there some ancillary certification we can get to perform them. I usually schedule a septic inspection with a licensed company but I want to know how I can get into performing them myself. I understand that you can “inspect a septic system” but I want to be able to provide a tank certification for VA, FHA, etc.


You cannot inspect a septic system in Florida without the proper license.


What is the proper license? No one seems to have this answer.


It’s out there, keep digging…

It’s handled by the Dept. of Health.
Licensed Septic Contractor (registered pursuant to Part III of Chapter 489, FS and Part III of Rule 64E-6, FAC.)
General Plumbing Contractor (licensed pursuant to section 489.105(3)(m), FS.)

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Septic Tank Contractor Registration | Florida Department of Health