A client who is in the process of purchasing a home on a short sale just asked me if I do certifications. She needs roof, furnace, and other certifications. I am imagining that the bank needs this to finance the house. They are probably doing this in lieu of hiring their own inspector.

Can the report I did for her be used as certifications, since I am licensed with the state and certified with nachi ? Or can I do a separate certification for her? Or will she need certifications from roofers and HVAC specialists? What can I tell her?

By the way, this is in the state of Illinois.


Certification is a trick word!
What do they want this certification to say…

"the roof was permitted by the county in 2005, permit has a final inspection and there are currently no visual signs of damage or leaks…or

“I Mr Inspector certify this roof will not leak for the next 10 years and if it does I will pay for repair or replacement”

The first thing is to ask just what they want and do they have a sample or standard form they are looking for.

Also the buyer may be using the wrong terminology, maybe bank needs inspection from certified home inspector?

good luck

Some loans are USDA and require signed certification letters or checklists. I’ve done them in the past.