citizens roof certs again

Maybe this was answered before but I can only find bits and pieces.

What happens when no documentation can be found on a 25yr. bank owned home.

What options does a HI have ?

What options does a client have ?

Thanx everyone

Inspect the roof and give you opinion of it.

What Mike said. You can only do what you can do and you only know what you know. If it makes you feel better add “approximate” to your roof dates and age.

No offense but it is doubtful that citizens would accept your roof certification. You seem to lack the qualifications they require. Don’t get this the wrong way I want all and I mean ALL state liscenced inspectors to receive equal recognition and status. Unfortunately that is not the case, you would think that Inachi could do something about it but thats not happening.

How much you guys charge for a roof certification down South? :roll:

We charge for W/M $150.00
& Roof Cert $100.00

Well I am down south from you and I charge $50.00 for every one I do. That is because I only do them on homes I inspect fully for a real estate sale. The going rate here is $75.00 my website says I charge 125 as a stand alone. I don’t want to compete and won’t.


AS far as I know Citizens will accept a Roof Cert from a licensed HI


25yr old home

So no documentation = no credits

I claim roof has 10yrs of useful life…roof leaks in 3… Am I liable

do you guys use any disclaimers or different wording on the form

A home inspection report was all that was needed. If more were needed I referred.

Licensing change that. now we can sign most forms… The problem I am having is with liability. See my other post.

Free with the home inspection.
4-points as well.

Yes, they do John and now they require two pictures of the roof. At least as of yesterday!:mrgreen:

I was thinking of adding a disclaimer on the picture page of the form. That could be the way to go.

Thank you Eric…finally someone on the same page.

I am sure John or Dennis or any other insurance inspector will sign a form claiming to certifying remaining life without a disclaimer.

I carry plenty of band-aids

Hi Tom,

Roof Certifications do not have any available credits, it is simply a pass/fail inspection used by the insurance company to screen out roofs which they will not insure.

Credits, for lack of a better word are associated with Wind Mitigation inspections, not roof certifications.

Hi Joe,
How did you do at the tournament?

I know… I should of said wind mit/roof cert

My problem is certifying a roof with 10yrs remaining life expectancy and the roof leaking before that or shingles being blown off etc.

Can the ins. co. sue me for repairs

Seems like everyone is avoiding this question because either they have disclaimers written into the official form…or they are not worried about litigation.

Use no visible leaks at the time of the inspection in your report. I have never had anyone complain about that statement Most inspectors only do visual inspections any how.

On the CIT RCF-1 11 08 I check the box no visible leaks, no curling etc…

On remaining life I put down 10yrs…How do I know this without documentation

Again is my professional opinion good enough in a court of law.

A home inspectors report we can refer or put in disclaimers.

Am i using an old form

You can’t tell the exisiting remaining life with documents either.
Just try to answer honestly and get paid before you do the inspection :slight_smile: