Certified Inspector Home Protection Program (CIHPP)


NACHI in the drop down list at http://www.frea.com/page35.aspx

NACHI is not in the “How did you hear about our program?” drop down. Fix that, would ya? :wink:

Mr. Pope – I got your request for information and you will have it by next Wednesday at the latest. Thank you for your interest. Don’t keep this program a secret. And don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Ben Garrison
800-882-4410 ext. 104

This sounds like it could be a very useful tool in combination with my current E&O protection.

I will certainly post my opinion once I have had an opportunity to preview this.

Our goal is to shift liablity off YOUR back. The majority of the claims we see are frivilous but they still cost the insurance company money to handle. And that ultimately impacts E&O rates.

IAC2, CMI and NACHI now listed in the drop down list at http://www.frea.com/page35.aspx

Thanks FREA!

No problem!

Ok, maybe I have not had enough coffee today but I’m fuzzy on what this actually is. Is it some type of home warranty? Something like the Brinks/Home Warranty of America deal? Something else?