Certified Master Inspectors® now pay $600 less for E&O insurance


certified master inspector insurance CMI


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Try it now.

Same as before…

Worked for me.

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Try refreshing: CMIs® now get a $600 discount on E&O insurance.

No, it did not work.

Works for me too.

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Worked on Firefox but not Safari.

And how do existing E&O clients get this discount?

Is this available for Canadian Inspectors?

Dom, maybe we’ll get a rebate??

That’d be nice, or we’ll be told to “re-apply” to receive the promo rate…

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How come is not just a flat $600 discount if you’re a CMI? This sounds just like all the ads from the major insurance companies. “Save on average of”

gives all Certified Master Inspectors® an average of a $600 discount

Is this available for Korea Inspectors?

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I was told that if youre already with them I do not get the $600 discount. They will apply it next yr when my policy is up for renewal.

“Unfortunately since you are already mid policy term 3/17/21 to 3/17/22 we cannot make any changes, but I can assure you we have already provided a 35% discount from the base rate compared to NON INTERNACHI members.
That being said, Fran and I will make sure to allocate any additional CMI credits at your renewal in March 2022. When doing so we should be able to get you another 10% discount.”