CMI certifications on web site

Nick, I wanted to say thank you for the easy access to find a certification that I needed for an additional 5% off on an E&O quote that I’m working on for a client. I was able to find his designation very easy and forward his certification to my underwriter for the discount.

With my E&O program CMI’s receive an additional 5% off.
If you are a CMI and already part of my program, please let me know as I’d like to pass this savings on to you.


Awesome Dave.

We’re working on getting all the home inspect insurance underwriters to discount premiums for CMIs. CMIs deserve to pay less than everyone else for E&O insurance.

How do you confirm that someone is CMI? Is there a directory?

Thanks David. Just curious about a $199 CMI inspector. Wondering if he was legitimate. He is.