cesspool or oil tank vent

I usually identify in ground oil tank vent pipes being 2 " or so, this 4" pipe vent was identified as the cesspool air vent by the home owner, being in direct line as the cesspool. There was an old in ground tank that was ‘supposedly’ abandoned. Just trying to get your opinion on experience with this large width air vent pipe. I do not want to identify this incorrectly. Could not find an old fill pipe.

Simply identify it as “disclosed by seller as” vent pipe for cesspool; this inspection can not confirm this information and further evaluation will be required to confirm the purpose of this pipe. As inspectors we shouldn’t guess and if we don’t know we should say so. If it is a cesspool vent that is well beyond a normal home inspection and belongs to a septic inspector as part of his/her responsibilities. I would also state “seller disclosed” underground fuel storage tank and disclaim any responsibility for it as well. Did you mention the termite monitoring/treatment station?

I thought those green things were Putt Putt holes
Its funny that when I tell people that they are Termite stations they come back with an array of " Oh I thought they were …" Gotta keep a list of them one day.