Mysterious pipe

Does anyone know what this pipe could have been used for? Thanks!

:grin: I have no idea.

How old is the house?

Emergency Outdoor Urinal

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Gutter downspout?

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Pipes coming out of the ground cause me a huge concern. Although not the typical size used for underground oil tank breathers or fill pipes, I would strongly advise further inspection by a qualified company to make sure it is nothing to do with an underground oil/fuel tank.

Utmost caution!!!



Smart Douglas, smart thinking. :smile:

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Thank you all for your responses and entertainment. I will advise the buyer to have further inspection by a qualified company, as suggested. What kind of company - an oil services company? Thanks!

Typically usually that type of pipe size is used to divert roof water below grade although being metal is perplexing.
Degrade roof water dispersal can be a bad practice due to the fact that large volumes roof water is being distributed close to the foundation.
Maintenance. Pipe clogs. Mechanical damage can all have adverse effects.

Ask for disclosure.

I would start with a plumber. It could just be an air inlet with a missing rain cap for building’s drain trap or a [now] meaningless pipe stuck in the ground, impossible to conclude anything based on posted pic & info alone. I’ve never seen anything like that related to an oil tank, however. Even if the plumber doesn’t service the related pipe, he should be able to figure out its purpose. If there are no other signs whatsoever, I would start with a simple light or camera lowered into the pipe and going from there.

Could it be a 4" well casing?

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Ground radar company.

How much does that cost :smiley:

It may be venting air for a root cellar or such, also.

I think Simon is on by recommending a plumber to investigate it further but DO have it referred out.

Thank you everyone!

Depending on where you are in the country I have seen perimeter drains brought to the surface to connect to the gutter down spouts.
A review of the pipe to determine its purpose can be done with a sewer camera inspection.
Best luck.