Challenger found

yep i am a rookie, but i am going to enjoy this.
still i need to know
was hoping to get answer from the professionals
i found a challanger panel, while i was looking on internet i found they have been recalled,
so my question is this?
even though everything has been working for 34 years, and everything looked good in the panel,
how do i list it in my four point inspection
is this panel unsatisfactory? or satisfactory with a note?
me i believe that its unsatisfactory
here is why.
if i list it satisfactory and it gets by the insurance industry who might not look that it as a challenger, they might look at it just as satisfactory.
home owner wont fix it, because it cost money to do that, there attitude is :: its been working for 34 years?
would like someone help in seeing another side on how to handle this
thank you

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Just report what you see, Robert.


I think the only Challenger recall was their GFCI breaker, not the panel.
The 4 point report asks what brand/model panel, you will state Challenger.
That’s it.
On my comprehensive inspection report:
**note: Some insurance companies may consider Challenger panels to be obsolete. Recommend checking with your insurance agent.

Smile & tell 'em
past performance is not a guarantee of future reliability


(I would stay away from recall comments) Challenger panels have reported overheating of the circuit breakers. There is debate whether or not these occurrence occur at a higher rate with these panels vs other manufacturers. Some insurance companies may not insure a home until the panel is replaced. Due to age and manufacturer, recommend a licensed electrician to inspect the panel in search for underlying conditions that could cause overheating/arcing/failure.

I did but if i right it in the unsatisfactory box it makes the report unsatisfactory.

At the time everything is working fine, but then while i was home i ran into the article that the challenger has issues between 1980 to 1990, this is before i finished my report.

I listed the information still how should a home inspector handle it?

I think I get your question. I do not consider the existence of a challenger panel a defect UNLESS it is exhibiting issues.


Brian gave you some good information:

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Why would you select unsatisfactory? Based on the reputation?
Even when I find Zinsco or Stab-Lok, they are CRAP but IMO does not make the system unsatisfactory.


Marc is right as usual, and that’s how I do it too. In my area State Farm doesn’t insure if it’s a challenger panel, I still mark satisfactory on the four point though and let them make that decision.


Last time I checked out the Florida Four Point Form it appears that Citizens has removed the " Hazardous Panel" checkbox. Now it’s on you.

Thank you marc your right i believe its just tge breakers.

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I guess our definitions of “CRAP” are different, because in my definition, crap is unsatisfactory.

I understand Lon. :cowboy_hat_face:
IMO there is a difference on a Florida 4 point insurance report.
The form question: general condition of the electrical system.
You check one of the the two choices.
IMO a crap panel present is not enough for me to say unsatisfactory.

If you are concerned about your challenger panel, here is some real help with real experience.
First of all, we have tested and sold Challenger breakers from 120 to 600 Volts.
For Challenger Residential panels, many different types of circuit breakers were used.
Here is a link with pictures.
The Zinsco Style had problems with the Busbar melting or pitting. There are retrofits in copper available. Also replacements for Plug in style are available. Testing the zinsco plugin style breakers always tripped. when bad they tripped early.
The Federal Pacific Style breaker in challenger panels were not very good. Many times these breakers would not trip at all. Replacements are available.
The actual Challenger Style Breakers were just fine. The part numbers start with “C” the following number is for how many poles and the last two are the amperage. THESE ARE PERFECTLY FINE.

Come on Brothers.
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It isn’t up to you/us as an HI to make any kind of determination on the reliability of a panel.

You ain’t nothing more than simple home inspector Yes! We can rattle on as to the reliably of any panel. And I’m sure that most of you don’t have the knowledge to back up your finding. I can!
But that isn’t our job… Just note what it is and move on.
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