Should all Challenger electrical panels be upgraded or replaced

I am getting mixed opinions on the Challenger electrical panels. Some say that all Challenger electrical panels are bad and should be replaced no matter what, others say just the older versions of the Challenger panels.

Like with any electrical panel I will examine it for obvious defects and include it into my report.

The other day I inspected a 1997 home with no ledger, but some of the breakers were Challenger. Is this electrical panel (photo included) a concern or is all Challenger panels a concern.

Did you mean Challenger not Chandler?

Yes sorry “Challenger”

The only recall was their GFCI breaker, not the panel.
The panel looks like Eaton.
Challanger bought out FPE & has the same type crappy bus.
The only way to see if there is scorching, overheating is to pull the breaker off the bus. Something we do not do.
When I have one on the inspection, I do make a comment:
*note: some insurance companies may consider *
Challenger panels to be obsolete & require replacement.,the%20circuit%20breaker%20from%20functioning.

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That is what I would do, too, Gary. Inspect it like any other panel and report the defects.

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I think the progression goes as follows.
GTE-Sylvania underwent many changes. GTE-Sylvania purchased the Zinsco company in 1973. It then changed to Challenger Electrical Equipment Corp, then to Westinghouse and to Cutler-Hammer, and the last, Eaton Corp.

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Here in Florida some insurance companies won’t underwrite a policy when there is a Challenger panel on the premises. But calling out each and every panel especially when no visible hazard is present causes havoc with the realtor community, so not knowing which insurance company… you’ll need a good consistent approach.

I call all of them out as potential problems and ask them to have the panel certified by a licensed electrician on their letterhead with their license number attached and file my report accordingly.

On Four Points I never change my report the Hazardous Panel Box will always remain checked off, but I will attach an electricians letter to the report if some electrician is willing to claim otherwise allowing them to purchase insurance.

Same goes for aluminum wiring… The box remains checked and a letter from an electrician is attached.

Personally, I will never take responsibility for these type of items and will always refer to a licensed professional.

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Challenger bought out FPE in 1986

Thank you everyone much appreciated…

I don’t know if bought out would be accurate. Acquired some of the assets might be the proper context.
1986 Challenger Electric Equipment Corporation 'acquired some of the assets of FPE from Reliance Electric in July 1986. FPE Switchgear moved manufacturing… Inspectopeda has a pages dedicated to FPE

They bought out the electrical gear business. The rest went under.
Stop it

Eaton BR breakers are listed as a replacement for the Challenger breakers.