Challenger Electrical Panels

Hi Folks,
Attached is a photo of a Challenger Panel I called out for evaluation due to overheating. It’s an easy call, but my question for the group is, “Do you call out every Challenger System Panel? Or only those ones that appear to be having problems? I’ve had electrician friends that tell me they are OK with Challenger as long as there’s no overheating or other problems at the bus bar—and then again, I’ve had Home Inspector friends that say they call out every one of them.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s take on Challenger System Panels.

Many Thanks!!


Whether I see an issue or not, I only ever call them out for evaluation by a licensed electrician. I do not perform any testing that can make a definitive determination of it’s condition. What we can’t see can be a hazard. Let the sparky take the liability for making a call on it!


**Note: Challenger panels may be considered obsolete by some insurance companies.
Check with your company for insurability.

Just had 2 last week. One deal is dead, the sellers refuse to replace & the buyer cannot get insurance to obtain a mortgage.
Carriers down here seem to change their mind on a regular basis - it’s crazy.