Champions School Of Real Estate Legal & Ethics Course compared to iNachi's course

Well I couldn’t wait any longer to take my ethics course so ponied up the $125 to take Champions course. BTW I was really disappointed that iNachi drug their feet of this one. The course has been required since September 2011 and there was a lot of notice that it would be required. Still, here we are in February 2012 and the course still hasn’t been approved. This resulted in my having to spend the aforementioned $125 on top of my annual iNachi membership. Not something I enjoyed doing.
Anyway if you CAN wait do so. The Champions course was worth 8 hours of credit. It consisted of a download of sections of our SOP, a homework quiz and like a 40 or 50 question exam. You just read the sections of the SOP, did the 15 or 20 question homework quiz and then take the final test. All total it took me about 2 hours. I also took the iNachi course and found it laid out better with even some learning involved. I felt it was a better course but was unable to use it toward my continuing education credits.
So if you, like me, are unable to wait any longer the Champions course will get you the credit you need but it’ll cost you $125.

Smooth move thanks for the Info