I've arranged for InterNACHI members to attend SOP/Legal/Ethics course for free.

The SOP/Legal/Ethics course is being hosted by TPREIA, our fellow association in Texas. InterNACHI members can attend the SOP course for free.


Many thanks to our friends at TPREIA.

Yes many thanks to our friends at TPREIA but even more thanks to you Nick! If you keep this sort of thing up you will wind up doing what no other trade association has been able to do. That is sign up a large percentage of Texas Inspectors into INACHI!

By the way, Simpson Strong-Tie has some very good training as well! Their training staff really know their subjects and make the classes very interesting.

Thank You Nick.
I attended the TPREIA Ethics & SOP class on Set 22nd in McKinney. While the material is BORING; Brenda , Mike and Paul kept the atnmosphere lighthearted and humurous. All were sharing and laughing at mistakes we have all made.

A great experience and a chance to meet several knowledgeable inspectors. Learned more from conversation than the slide show. This as Paul expalined is the benefit of taking classes in a classroom setting with several others.

TPREIA members were very open and sharing. As Brenda stated to me" We are all a Brotherhood of Inspectors"

Again, Thanks to all

Paul and Brenda are really good people. I’m so happy that InterNACHI and TPREIA are working together to help Texas inspectors.

I attended both days of the TPREIA event and enjoyed everything. Great people at a great facility. Looking forward to the next one.